Victorious Vapors was founded in the latter part of 2009 at a small flee market in Augusta GA. Being former smokers for well over 20 years both, Jonnie and Scotty, the Managing Partners of Victorious Vapors quit smoking with the e-cig and set out to tell everyone in their network that e-cigs really work and that they are, in fact, a great alternative to smoking cigarettes!!! Having several years of retail experience, Jonnie began researching in great detail all the ins and outs of running an e-cig store. Scotty meanwhile was retiring from the Army when he met Jonnie and they opened a small 800 sq ft store. In January 2013, they moved into their first superstore, at 1,500 sq ft, but not long thereafter they both realized a much larger location was needed. Victorious Vapors is now preparing to move into a 3,000 sqft location just 8 months later. Jonnie and Scotty attribute their success to their great client base and excellent customer service, Victorious Vapors is staffed with 8 prior smokers, all whom quit smoking with e-cigs. Victorious Vapors prides themselves on carrying only the best products, best prices and a vast knowledge base to answer even the hardest of questions. Bottom line, we are here for you and value your business.

Without our awesome clients, we do not exist!!! Thank you one and all for your continued support!!!!!!


Victorious Vapors Superstore

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